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Becoming a Registered Dietitian requires years of school filled with intense courses such as organic chemistry, microbiology, medical nutritional therapy, anatomy and physiology, as well as numerous advanced nutritional science classes.  We then complete a year internship with various rotations in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics where we are thrown into the demanding clinical nutrition needs of our patients. We must pass an extremely comprehensive national exam to become a Licensed Registered Dietitian.


We must keep up with continuing education credits throughout our careers to ensure we are up to date on the latest nutrition research and practices. 


Did you know that anybody can call themselves a nutritionist? Years of school and credentials are not required. Therefore, if you are looking for evidence based nutrition support I suggest you seek out a nutrition professional.


Here at Blossom Hormone Nutrition,  I use an integrative functional medicine approach to identify the root causes of your PCOS, GI health and fertility.  

Together we will increase your reproductive health, balance your hormones, optimize your gut health and support your overall health.


This program is not a quick fix or fad diet. It guides you on how to make sustainable changes to help you get your periods symptom free, manage your PCOS, say good bye to GI issues and optimize your fertility. 


My signature 4 month program will help you finally be able to gain control of your hormones and fertility naturally by using individualized evidenced based nutrition and lifestyle habit changes. 


Hi, Welcome!

I'm Chaya Lezell, a Registered Dietitian and a mom of 3. I specialize in PCOS, Gut health & fertility.


Unfortunately, my road to motherhood led me to want to dig into how to heal my hormones and nourish my body. Looking back, this was when I became inspired to dive deep into the science and connection behind women's hormone health, gut health and fertility.


My knowledge and training in functional medicine allows me to support my clients on their healing journey. Together we dig deep to find the root cause of your PCOS, GI  & fertility struggles.


My signature program is not a fad diet like others you may come across, it is completely tailored to your symptoms, lab results and goals! 

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